canstock3690145                             The Anjuman Parey Islam society is situated at la Caverne, Vacoas.

It runs the Anjuman Parey Islam Mosque which was built a century ago, in 1914.It has been rebuilt in 1965 and its surface area has been increased to 532 mwith the addition of a first floor and can accommodate some 1000 disciples. It has recently been renovated in 2012.Its officiating full-time Imam is Br.Aiet Nauzeer.

Various themes are addressed by different speakers according to the Quran and the Hadith before Jummah Prayer.

Since 1914, a Madrassah is attached to the Mosque with STD I-STD VI and do have a pre-Ibtedai-Ibtedai Adeeb and Adeeb Mahir.A pre-primary school with emphasis on both Islamic culture and academic education caters also for young kids. As from 2003-2006, a building has been constructed with a capacity of 940 sq.mts both ground and first floor to accommodate 10 spacious and well-ventilated classes for pre-primary and primary education.

But in the local context where children are under pressure to attend private tuition in the afternoon, it has been realized that they are not properly exposed to Islamic teaching, values and culture and in 2008, a private primary school, the Dar-ul-ilm has been set up. This school is registered with the Ministry of Education. For the 2013 CPE Exams we have proudly reached our target of 100% passes.

We have a monthly assessment in Madrassah, Pre-Primary and Primary and of term test and yearly exams.

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